All I'm really ask for is you...

You’re mine , you’re mine.

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Imagine an AU where the band all grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school? Jake was still awkward and clung to Will while Amber and Trixi made fun of him and Skylar sometimes felt bad for him. Antwone was a year or two older than them and dated Will and was cool with Ash…

Yes, yes we do.

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Bree is 5’5. The pose I used made her a little bit taller.

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Bree & Cher

Bree is back to the red.

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i just wanna say ur mine ur mine.

fuck what you heard you’re mine, you’re mine. 

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Whats your name?

'Roman Martinez..'

And your Age?


What’s your Ethnicity?

'White and obviously Roman, haha.'

Any Siblings?

' little sister Olivia Martinez.'

How are you guys related?

'We're from an adopted family.'

Dating Anyone Roman?

'Uh no. But I have someone in mind when I get back to town.'

And who is this lucky lady Roman?

'Ahh. My beautiful ex-girlfriend, LeLe.'

Oooh! So your the runaway prince.

'Yesss..that's me. I'm not proud out it but I was drafted into the army and I had no choice. I didn't want to leave her but..that's life..But that's why I coming back. To make things right with her..get to see that I still care for her and explain.'

Do you still love her?

' be continued.'

he’s gorgeous. 

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Selfies with Sammy ft. a very bad dog.

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Romy Cascio

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W.I.P Of Tryna Turn This Old Man Into Travie Williams… I Wish My PC Would Let Me Make CC. T_T

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[MF SIMS] Japanese Printed Skirts

  • Everyday - Formal
  • Young Adult - Adult
  • Download -> x
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