I couldn’t decide which ones I liked better.. >.>

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Don’t let the lazy hair, glasses and wide smile fool you.. he will fuck your mom.

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Which organic mama is ready for halloween?? I know we are! There’s the candy, the costumes and of course GOODIES.

So why not spice the festivities up and do a giveaway!

Reblog this photo for a chance to be one of the 25 people to receive a Halloween goody-bag filled with ;

- Exclusive early custom content (Pacifier that will be released by Christmas or other baby items..)

- Cute Fall Attire for boys and girls!

- Posepack 

+ more

RULES: Only 1 reblog per person, anyone who violates these rules will be excluded from the giveaway :(

How the winners are chosen: I will enter everyone’s name into a random generator and let it randomly select 25. (that’s fair right?)

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"Girls need to be strong

To protect the ones they love.”

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Blaise & Yaris ~ Cole & Remy

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Lazy Sundays 

Side note..I jumped ahead a bit and made Bri Pregnant with twins , I hate to keep skipping like this but I got a bunch of family/baby stuff I want to try out 

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Boop! Here you have some eyeliners I made, as always THEY ARE NOT PERFECT.

The eyeliners are in the eyeliner section, and have only one channel. They have thumbnails!

They are available for your male and female sims from teen to elder (I haven’t tried them on men, so they may not work as spected)

Don’t be a dick and don’t reupload it to free or paysites, edit it or claim as your own

They only work with some type of eye shapes!



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Rae Acker - 4,600+ followers gift  by Captainsimerica ♥

Yes, i’m finally putting Rae up for download lol. I’ve had about 600 people follow me since my last download and everyone wants her so why not! I’ll still use her to model and stuff but i’d like to see her in your games :3 I still can’t believe this many people follow me. Thank you guys so much!!! ♥ 

Included in the download:

Not included:

eyes (default) | eyebrows (don’t know :/) | hair | nailssliders (set to x3) 

TOU: I honestly don’t care what you do with her. Just please don’t use her as a base since I used this base to create her. And don’t change her features or that would defeat the purpose of you downloading her lol. Also please don’t re-upload her and claim as your own/make money off of her. Please treat her well guys ♥

Download, ♥

Mediafire | Dropbox

I do track “captainsimerica”, in case you do want to do cc lists, and link back to me so I can see your sims with my beautiful creations.Just give credit, that’s all I ask for ♥

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